Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem


Welcome to the About Privateers section!

Privateers, like Life Wizards – if you play Wizard101, are the most important school. Why? Well, the main function of privateers is to keep teammates alive. Anytime you receive a heal in-game, it’s thanks to the Privateer class – so make sure to thank a Privateer every time you see one! Now that I’ve given a brief summary of the Privateer class, let’s talk about what makes them most powerful & where you can train their powers!

Main School

Teacher: The Commodore        Location: Avery’s Court, Skull Island        Important Skills/Talents:  Will, Tough, Accurate, Spooky

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Welcome to the Privateer Attack & Heals section. Below, you can view all of the Trainable Privateer Powers that you’ll earn up to level 70. Keep in mind the heals/attacks become stronger as you level up. This section will be updated as time goes on!