Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem


Welcome to the About Musketeer section!

If you’re new to this school, I’ll explain how you can make questing a witch doctor a lot easier. Musketeers are known for using guns & bombs. They also can cast barricades to protect themselves & allies. To get started, let’s talk about what makes a Musketeer powerful & where you can train their spells!


Main School

Teacher: Ol’ Fish Eye      Location: Avery’s Court, Skull Island      Important Skills/Talents: Agile 

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Welcome to the Musketeer Bombs & Gunpowder section. Below, you can view all of the Musketeer Powers that you’ll earn up to level 70. Your damage may be higher or lower on attacking depending on the amount of your pirate’s outgoing damage.  This section will be updated as time goes on!