Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem


Welcome to Dragonspyre! You must be at least level 40 & have completed the Mooshu quest “The Key At Last” to start questing through Dragonspyre. You can start by speaking to Merle Ambrose in his Office in Wizard City and he’ll give you the quest “Bad Blood” to start Dragonspyre! 

The Basilica

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Cost: 1200 Crowns             Reagents: Ore, Lava Lily, Diamond, Fire Blossom             Bosses: None              Fish: None


The Atheneum

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Cost: 1200 Crowns       Reagents: Ore, Lava Lily, Diamond, Fireblossom, Stone Block       Bosses: Loremaster   

Fish: Treasure Chest, Fire School of Fish, Ice School of Fish, Life School of Fish, Mainstream Dekoi, Spyre Eel


The Tower of Archives

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Cost: 1200 Crowns        Reagents: Ore, Lava Lily, Diamond, Fire Blossom, Stone Block        Bosses: Vilara Moonwraith, Petrov Gloomstrider, Zarathax       

Fish: Treasure Chest, Charred Dekoi, Ember Parrot, Firecuda, Fire School of Fish, Ice School of Fish, Mainstream Dekoi, Red Armored Guard, Spyre Eel


Plaza Of Conquests

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Cost: 1200 Crowns          Reagents: Ore, Lava Lily, Diamond, Fire Blossom, Stone Block           Bosses: General Greystone, Gurtok Demon, Kurvian Scargiver, Sandoor Spearcaller, Sea Lord, Sysiphian, Tamris, The Hoarder, Vulcus Ironstrike   

Fish: Treasure Chest, Charred Dekoi, Death School of Fish, Firecuda, Hard Albacore, Ice School of Fish, Mainstream Dekoi, Red Armored Guard, Spyre Eel


The Grand Chasm

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Cost: 1200 Crowns          Reagents: Ore, Lava Lily, Diamond, Fire Blossom, Stone Block          Bosses: Flamebringer, Vasek Ashweaver, Vault Protector

Fish: Balance School of Fish, Treasure Chest, Charred Dekoi, Firecuda, Ice School of Fish, Mainstream Dekoi, Red Armored Guard, Sam Bass, Spyre Eel, Trigger Fish


The Necropolis

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Cost: 1200 Crowns w Drake Hatchery         Reagents: Deep Mushroom, Lava Lily, Fossil, Fireblossom, Stone Block, Sandstone         Bosses: Ghost of Sylvia Drake

Fish: Treasure Chest, Charred Dekoi, Death School of Fish, Firecuda, Rambowfin Fish,  Red Armored Guard, Soul Searcher, Spyre Eel, Storm School of Fish


The Drake Hatchery

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The Crucible

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The Labyrinth

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Dragonspyre Academy

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The Crystal Grove

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The Forum

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The Great Spyre

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Welcome to Dragonspyre, young wizard. Now that you’ve explored Dragonspyre, I’ve provided a list of important tasks/quests that you must complete to safely make it through this world. My Vision showed me that if you follow these quests as shown, you will make it to The Great Spyre. I wish you the best of luck on your travels, young wizard.

Below, I’ve highlighted each boss, fight, and dungeon into certain categories, leading all the way up to Malistaire’s Lair in The Great Spyre. Follow this guide to make your way through. Since the main questline of this world has non-cheating bosses, all bosses will be highlighted in light blue with the final bosses being highlighted in dark orange.

Boss                       Defeat + Collect                       Mob                       Dungeon                       Final Boss                   NPC


1) Bad Blood (talk – Cyrus – + explore + defeat – Cyrus Drake – + talk – Cyrus – + explore Basilica + talk – Cyrus)

The Atheneum

2) Crystal – Matic (explore Atheneum + talk – Milus Bookwyrm)

3) Holger’s Crystals (use knowledge crystal + talk – Milus Bookwyrm)


The Tower of Archives

4) Stone Tower Pilot (explore Tower of Archives + talk – Zarathax)

5) The Crystal Towers (defeat Loathsome Creeper + Collect Tower Key + talk – Zarathax)

6) The Towering Crystal (explore First Tower + use yellow crystal + talk – Zarathax)

7) Friend Of My Friend (talk – Lidia Brightmoon – + defeat soldiers + talk – Lidia – + use desk + talk – Zarathax)

8) Key To Trust (explore Second Tower + use orange crystal + talk – Zarathax)

9) Wizard And Crystal (defeat Petrov Gloomstrider + talk – Zarathax)

10) The Last Key (explore Third Tower + use green crystal + talk – Zarathax)

11) The Dragon’s Claw (Explore/Find Dragon Claw Key + talk – Zarathax)

12) Portal Combat (Explore Tower + use blue crystal + explore Wizard’s Tower + defeat Zarathax + talk – Milos Bookwyrm)


Plaza of Conquests

13) Warkeeper (talk – Laszlo Starblade)

14) General Recommendation (talk – Zanna Fireflower)

15) Battle On (defeat – Sysiphan – + talk – Zanna)

16) Blood From A Stone (talk – Laszlo)

17) Recommend This (talk – Halina Warhawk in Tower Of War)

18) Stone Soup (talk – Laszlo)

19) Application Procedures (talk – Mavra Flamewing)

20) The Best Defense (defeat – Mavra Flamewing – + talk – Mavra – + talk – Laszlo)

21) No Weaklings Allowed (use summoning crystal + defeat – Earth Elemental – + talk – Laszlo)

22) Fighting With Dishonor (talk – Sandor Spearcaller)

23) Trapper Keeper (defeat – Sandor Spearcaller – + talk – Sandor – + talk – Laszlo)

24) Foe Of Foes (use summoning crystal + defeat – Sea Lord – + talk – Laszlo)

25) Going Portal (talk – Milos Bookwyrm)


The Grand Chasm

26) Don’t Fall In (talk – Belia Windgazer in Grand Chasm)

27) The Paper Chase (talk – Edrik Scatterglow)

28) So Little Time (retrieve research notes in Ruined Tower + talk – Edrik)

29) Crystal Crawlies (defeat crystal crawler + collect pristine crystal + talk – Edrik)

30) Charged Up (talk – Belia)

31) Just Charge It (use Crystal Charger in Edrik’s Vault + talk – Belia – + talk – Edrik)

32) The Time Is Right (use Time Crystal in Hall of Time + talk – Edrik)

33) Forward… Into History! (explore Time Crystal + find Vault Keeper Key + talk – Belia)

34) Back To The Beginning Quest (use time crystal + talk – Vasek Ashweaver – + repair Southwest Bridge + repair South Bridge + repair East Bridge + lock Vault 1936 + lock Vault 1941 + lock Vault 1938 + lock Vault 1939 + talk – Vasek)

35) The Vault of Fire (continued from previous quest – talk – Vasek – + defeat – General Firetusk – return to Forward… Into History! quest in your quest log + complete)

36) One Good Deed (explore Vault 1933 + defeat – Vasek Ashweaver – + talk – Belia)

37) Stone Free (talk – Laszlo Starblade in Plaza of Conquests)

38) Attune Town (use Giant Crystal + talk – Laszlo)


The Necropolis

39) Portal Decay (explore The Necropolis + talk – Cyrus Drake)

40) The Glamourous Life (go to Sylvia’s Tomb in Necropolis + locate Crystal on Tomb + talk – Cyrus Drake)

41) Control Ring (explore Necropolis + talk – Crystal Guide)


The Drake Hatchery

42) Welcome to the Academy (talk – Castamir Silverdrake in The Drake Hatchery)

43) Textbook Example (defeat Terrorwing Warlock + collect 3 textbooks + talk – Castamir)

44) Et Tu, Statue? (go to Lesser Drake Statue, go to Drake Statue, go to Ancient Drake Statue + talk – Castamir)

45) Enter The Dragon Rider (talk – Tamar Skyblade – in his tower + talk Castamir)

46) The Drakester (explore Windhammer’s Tower + use Windhammer’s Crystal Stand + talk – Kimerith Windhammer)

47) The Good Old Days (talk – Tamar – + talk – Castamir)

48) Rein It In (defeat The Collector + collect Reins + talk – Castamir)

49) Rein Check (use Crystal Stand + talk – Kimerith)

50) Feels So Good (take Kimerith’s Crystal + go to Tamar Skyblade’s Tower + use Crystal Stand + talk – Castamir)

51) Passing Out (talk – Crystal Guide in The Necropolis)


The Crucible

52) A Strenuous Course (talk – Zanetta Stormbreaker in The Crucible)

53) Back In Session (defeat Manascale Sorcerer + collect 3 knowledge crystals + talk – Zanetta)

54) A Brief History (use Crystal Stand in The Crucible + talk – Zanetta)

55) Justice Hurts (use Crystal Storage + use Crystal Stand + defeat – Iona Pyrelance – + talk – Zanetta)

56) You Call This Easy? (defeat – Orin Grimcaster – in the Fleshless Tower + talk – Zanetta)

Fleshless Tower (floor 1 – defeat fleshless sentry, fleshrot retrievers [two more appear if more than two are in battle] floor 2 – health and mana wisps, floor 3 – defeat Vile Apparition and Dark Poltergeist, floor 4 – defeat Fleshrot Retriever and Fire avenger, floor 5 – health and mana wisps, floor 6 – defeat Orin Grimcaster and firerock stomper)

57) Judge Not (use Crystal Stand in Crucible + defeat – Katia Firewinter – + talk – Zanetta)

58) It’s An Honor (use Crystal Storage + use Crystal Stand + defeat – Valerik Brightsword – + talk – Zanetta)

59) Feeling Defensive? (use Crystal Stand + defeat – Rurik Flamesoul – + talk – Zanetta)

60) Pick Up The Spear (talk – Belia Windgazer – in Grand Chasm + locate Empty Crystal in Storage Vault in the Upper Grand Chasm + use Crystal Storage in Crucible + talk – Zanetta)

61) Obsidian In Crystal (go to Obsidian’s Tomb in Necropolis + use Obsidian’s Tomb + talk – Zanetta)

Lord Obsidian’s Tomb (floor 1 – defeat Bound Specter and Armored Bonewalker, floor 2 – defeat Bound Specter and Gallium Shardtrooper, floor 3 – defeat Kyanite Lieutenant and Armored Bonewalker, floor 4 – defeat Crying Spirit and Kyanite Lieutenant + use Lord Obsidian’s Tomb)

62) The Last Lesson (use Crystal Stand in Crucible + defeat – Boris Blackrock – + talk – Zanetta)

63) Acceptance At Last (talk – Irenka Thundercrown – in Crucible + talk – Milos Bookwyrm – in Atheneum)

64) Stay For Detention (Go to Dean’s Cell in Labyrinth + get Portal Stone + talk – Crystal Guide – in Necropolis + explore Dragonspyre Academy + talk – Cryus Drake – in Basilica)


The Labyrinth (Dungeon)

Bridge To Over There (talk – Dmitri Ironchains – in the Labyrinth + defeat – Silver Sentinel – to collect Bridge Key + talk – Dmitri)

Jail Break (talk – Dmitri – + use East Bridge Pedestal + use Central Bridge Pedestal + defeat – Zora Steelwielder – + – Andor Bristleback – + – Devora Shadowcrown – + talk – Dmitri)

The Den Of The Dean (talk – Dmitri – + use North Bridge Pedestal + Locate Dean’s Cell + talk – Vladimir Darkflame)

Cloak And Danger ( talk – Vladimir – + defeat – Property Master – to collect Cloak + talk – Vladmir)

Staff Direction (talk – Vladimir – + defeat – Gallium Paladin – to collect Staff + talk – Vladimir)

The Lesser Evil? (talk – Vladimir – + use Crystal Storage + talk – Vladimir – + defeat – Vladimir Darkflame)

65) Fire Shield (go to Pyromancer’s Tomb in Necropolis + get Fire Medallion + talk – Cyrus Drake – in Basilica)


Dragonspyre Academy

66) Win Or Go Home (explore Dragonspyre Academy + talk – Ashley – in Dragonsprye Academy)

67) Wizard Tours (use 4 Obsidian Chests + talk – Ashley – in Dragonspyre Academy)

Haunted Cave Obsidian Chest – Stormdrain Tower: Lord Nightshade

Royal Hall Obsidian Chest – Biti’s Chamber: Biti Nirini

Chelsea Court Obsidian Chest – Shakes’ Clocktower: Shakes O’Leary

Ancient Burial Grounds Obsidian Chest – Forest Spirit Shrine: Crazed Forest Spirit


The Crystal Grove

68) Headless Rider (explore Crystal Grove + go to Miner’s Camp + talk – Zarek Pickmaster – in Crystal Grove)

69) Quest For Perfection (Collect Purple + Orange + Red + Green + Red & Orange + Green & Purple Crystal Sample + talk – Zarek)

70) Root Of The Problem (Go To Other Mining Site & Collect Purple + Orange + Red + Green + Red & Orange + Green & Purple Crystal Sample + talk – Zarek)

71) Cutter’s Way (talk – Milaka Jewelbender – in her tower + talk – Milaka – after freeing)

72) Room To Breathe (defeat – 4 Spiders – + talk – Milaka)

73) A Quiet Place To Work (talk – Milaka – in her house)

74) Sit And Spin (defeat – Spiders + Collect 3 Crystal Spinnerets – + talk – Milaka)

75) Tools Of The Trade (collect 4 Crates + talk – Milaka)

76) Table Where? (defeat – Chronius – in his tower + Collect Crafter’s Table + talk – Milaka)

77) Staff Assembly (talk – Milaka – + talk – Ashley – in Dragonspyre Academy)

78) Forged In Fire (use Fire Forge in Dragonspyre School of Fire + talk – Ashley)


The Drake Hatchery

79) Earn Your Wings (talk – Castamir Silverdrake – in The Drake Hatchery)

80) Mother Of Fire (talk – Ancient Matriah (x2))

81) Don’t Count Your Eggs… (go to Secure House + defeat – Valeska Redwind – + talk – Ancient Matriarch)

Mob + Mob + Mob + Valeska Redwind

82) Over Easy (go to Dragon’s Mouth Cave in Golem Court, Wizard City + Use Brazier + talk – Ancient Matriarch – in The Drake Hatchery)

83) Hammer Time (defeat – Gallium Juggernauts – + Collect Crystal Hammer + talk – Ancient Matriarch)

84) Break An Egg (defeat – Viktor Snow Crusher – + Use Hatching Nest + talk – Ancient Matriarch)

85) Words Of Wisdom (talk – Mother Warwing – + – Mother Flamestrike – + – Ancient Matriarch – + – Castamir Silverdrake)


The Forum

86) Fly Free (explore The Forum + talk – Vidor Drakesmith – in The Forum)

87) Hit The Books (go to Forum Chamber + Use Knowledge Crystal + talk – Vidor)

88) Read The Manual (go to Forum Anteroom + Use Knowledge Crstyal + talk – Vidor)

89) Training Wings (go to Staging Room + talk – Vidor)

90) Overdue Fees (defeat – Kraysys – to collect Knowledge Crystal + talk – Vidor)

91) Third Time Is A Charm (go to Staging Room + use Crystal Stand + talk – Vidor)

92) Fuel And Flame (defeat – Fangtooth Lavaspinners + Collect 3 Coal Hearts – + defeat – Burning Flamewings + Collect Flame Sacs – + talk – Vidor)

93) Forging The Fire (use Forge + talk – Vidor)

94) Repo Mage (defeat – Terrorwing Talonmasters + Collect 3 Armor Pieces – + talk – Vidor)

95) Ancient Dragon Secret (collect 3 Brimstone + talk – Vidor)

96) He Who Smelt It (use FIre Forge + talk – Vidor)

97) Scales Of The Dragon (talk – Father Drake – in Greyscale’s Tower + talk – Vidor)

Greyscale Tower: Mob + Mob + Mob + Father Drake

98) Armor For Baby (talk – Ancient Matriarch – in The Drake Hatchery)

99) The Last Dragon Rider (talk – Ashley – in Dragonspyre Academy)


The Great Spyre (Final Dungeon)

100) The Final Countdown (ride Young Battledrake + explore Malistaire’s Lair + defeat – Malistaire Drake – + talk – Merle Ambrose)

The Great Spyre

Defeat – 2 Mobs + use Volcano Elevator

You will need to defeat two bosses to unlock the Upper Great Spyre. After you defeat these bosses, you must activate two crystal stands. You will find these crystal stands by fighting the bosses & going through the areas listed below.

Gurtok Firebender -> Dragon’s Maw Cave -> Through Door -> Crystal Stand

Gurtok Piercer -> Howling Cave -> Through Door -> Crystal Stand

After you activate both crystals, you’ll have to defeat – 2 More Mobs – to unlock a new door. Once you defeat these mobs, you’ll have one more mob of – Soulless Servants – to fight. Then you may view the Cyrus Drake, Sylvia Drake, and Malistaire Drake cutscene (which is actually pretty epic). Then you may defeat – Malistaire Drake. Malistaire does not cheat, but it’s best to bring along friends!


Onward To Celestia

Congratulations, young wizard! You’ve officially completed the first Story Arc after you finish all of the quests above. Feel free to continue exploring Dragonspyre (completing those sides & Zeke quests) or make your way to the next Story Arc/World. To enter the next world, Celestia, talk to Merle Ambrose in the Commons, Wizard City & Collect the quest “Door To The Stars”. Feel free to visit the Celestia Page by clicking anywhere on the image down below!

Welcome to the Stone Roses section. To complete this quest, you must talk to Prospector Zeke in Basilica, Dragonspyre, and collect the quest “The Stone Roses”. You’ll have to have access to all of the areas in Dragonspyre to complete this quest. You may find each Stone Rose as you quest through Dragonspyre.

The Basilica

Behind Dragonspyre Spiral Door

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The Atheneum 

Behind Housing Shop

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The Tower Archives 

Near Entrance, Down Steps From Where Loathsome Creepers & Rock Reavers Roam, Then In Corner To The Left

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The Grand Chasm 

In Old Grand Chasm Dungeon – Turn Around Near Doorway In Hallway To the Left

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The Necropolis

Near The Drake Hatchery Entrance, Down Ramp, Between Rock & Wall

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The Labyrinth 

On Rock Behind Tower At End Of Labyrinth Dungeon

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Dragonspyre Academy 

Near Drake, Between Building & Wall

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The Crystal Grove 

Near Second Crystal Area – Take Purple Teleporter – Then, Near Spiders

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Dragon’s Roost 

Run Between Soldiers On The Left, You’ll Find The Rose Between Wall & Building

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The Crown Of Fire

Must Complete Majority Of Dungeon, Will Find Rose Near Soulless Servants

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Congratulations! You’ve found all of the Stone Roses! You may now return to the Stone Roses to Prospector Zeke in Basilica! 

Welcome to the Master Artisan page, young wizard! In this section, I’ll show you how to complete the fifth quest of Advanced Crafting and earn your Master Artisan badge. You will have to complete 3 Crafting Quests to earn this badge. To start, you will need to speak to Balthazar Dragonthorn in Atheneum, Dragonspyre, and collect the quest “Two Ring Circus”. 


The Two Rings

Balthazar will ask you to create two Rings of Apotheosis. Don’t forget to buy the recipe from Balthazar before you begin to keep track of every reagent you need to craft the two rings.

18 – Ghost Fire

Zoltan Nightstone (Colossus To The Right Of Balthazar)

100 Gold x 18 = 1,800 Total Gold

30 – Diamonds

Buy the Transmute Diamond Recipe from Felecia Worthington in Regent’s Square, Marleybone + Farm for Ore to Transmute all of these diamonds. Don’t forget to also buy a Card Crafting Station (Furniture Section) in the Mooshu Housing Shop. You will need 450 Ore (15 Ore Per Diamond) to Transmute 30 Diamonds. You may also receive Diamonds as you’re collecting Ore. 

Best Places For Ore: Basilica or Atheneum (around Housing Games & Behind Housing Shop) in Dragonspyre & Royal Hall (Dig Site), Krokotopia

Tip: You may also buy Ore in the Bazaar in Olde Town, Wizard City. 

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Once you’re all done collecting the Ore *and Diamonds if you’re lucky* you may now Transmute Craft all of the Diamonds you still need using the Card Crafting Station. 

40 – Lotus

Similar to the recent reagent, you can buy a Transmute Black Lotus from Toshio in Jade Palace, Mooshu. You will need 10 Ore & 10 Cat Tail to Transmute a single Black Lotus. Since you already know where to farm for Ore (above), I’ve provided the best place to farm for Cat Tail. 

Best Place For Cat Tail: Hyde Park (In Fountain), Marleybone

If you’re like me and would rather farm for Black Lotus instead of Transmuting, you can visit Village of Sorrow (near walking dead), Mooshu to collect what you need. You can visit the Mooshu Crafting Section or view the Slideshow below to see exactly where you’ll need to go to collect Black Lotus.

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Once you collect everything you need, go to your gear crafting table and craft both rings!


The Two Robes

After you turn in the two rings, Balthazar will give you a second quest called “Needle and (Vine, Luck, Bone, Blame, Frost, Fate, Rain)” where you will have to create two robes. This quest requires you to speak to a certain NPC depending on your school to get the Robe Recipe. Below, I’ve included a playlist of where to get your robes + the reagents/ingredients required to craft them. 

Feel free to click on your corresponding School to see what you will need to collect. You’ll notice as you click on each school they all have separate guides for each robe’s reagents/ingredients!





The Two Book Stands

The final quest you will have to complete is the crafting of 2 Crimson Book Stands. First, be sure to speak to Balthazar after you complete crafting the two robes above. He will then give you a quest to craft the book stands. You can buy this recipe by speaking to Toshio in the Jade Palace! 


Free Housing Items


Tired Lava Fountain – The Basilica

Near Zeke & Eloise – Lower Level

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Dragonskull Obelisk – The Atheneum

Inside Library (Run Upstairs & Turn Right)

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Pillory – Plaza Of Conquest

Spearcaller’s Tower – One Fight

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