Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem


There are currently two different places you can learn Necromancy – the Death School in Nightside and the Hall of Necromancy in Arcanum. Each place of learning is different from the other since one, the Death School, is an Introduction to Necromancy, while the Hall of Necromancy is a more advanced form of Necromancy. Below, I’ve provided details about each school.

The Death School

Location: Nightside, Wizard City                      Level Access: 10                      Teacher: Dworgyn  

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Hall Of Necromancy

Location: Hall Of Necromancy, Arcanum                      Level Access: 108                      Teacher: Qismah Shasa

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Welcome to the Necromancy School Quest section! Here you’ll find all of the Necromancy School Spell & Pet quests that you’ll be sent on during your time in the spiral. Feel free to click on one of the two hyperlinks down below to access Spell or Pet Quests! 

Spells                           Pets


The School of Necromancy – Spells

(Attack Spells)

Poison        Scarecrow        Skeletal Dragon        Dr. Von’s Monster        Avenging Fossil           King Artorius (Death)        Call of Khrulhu        Winged Sorrow        Qismah’s Curse        Scion of Death        Snack Attack        Grim Reader 


Poison – Level 


Skeletal Dragon


(Utility & Minion Spells)

Death Trap        Deathblade        Death Prism        Sacrifice        Curse   Beguile        Animate        Plague        Dark Pact        Empower        Virulent Plague        Mass Infection        Bad Juju        Malduit   

The School of Necromancy – Pets

Wraith       Scarecrow       Avenging Fossil       Ghulture   

Welcome to the Necromancy Spell Section. In this section, I’ve divided all death-themed spells up into three different sections – Damage, Damage/Heal, and Utility. Also, Kingsisle has started updating overall spells. As these updates roll out, we’ll continue updating the spell section on each school page to fit with an updated card.

Damage Spells


Utility Spells