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Welcome to Around The Spiral

Welcome to Around The Spiral

Welcome, young wizards & pirates!

You’ve just arrived at a new website here in the community called Around The Spiral. Wait, you already know of it? Created 12 years ago? Well, darn, you caught me! Well, let’s just say this is an expansion of my original website, Around The Spiral with Edward Lifegem.

The past 12 years have been amazing! I have so many memories from my old website, but with memories comes a ton of storage. I was very limited on what I could do on my old website and I knew in the future I would move from there eventually. Guides were never really a thing for me and I just stuck with making new blog posts about my adventures through the spiral.

With time comes change. To change up my blog, I thought I’d add a ton of guides for both games. There is so much to explore here on Around The Spiral. You’ll always get a feel of each world with special video and screenshot previews – along with tons of information about the world you decide to explore. I already have so many more plans in the work, but I’ll keep that silent for now and just talk a bit more about our current website!

One main change is that you will see new Wizard101 and Pirate101 themed blog posts not just from me, but other staff members/friends! Our goal is to provide as much information as possible to help make your gaming time less of a research project. That brings me to the topic of gameplay guides. We have two types of Guides – World & School Guides. Let’s talk a bit about each!

World Guides: Each world has multiple sections of information. You’ll notice that they have screenshot previews with types of reagents that can be found in each area, a questline, Zeke quests, cheating bosses’ cheats, and more. All of this will be found on one page to make things more accessible for everyone.

School Guides: School Guides have information about the certain type of school of your choosing along with videos/images of attacks, and school quests! The next major update for this website will be a School Page overhaul which will include so much more information about each Wizard101 & Pirate101 school. But for now, you’ll find the basics of each school on this website.

I hope all of you like this new website. I welcome all of your constructive criticism. Your criticism will help us further improve this website to make it more accessible for all. I hope to make this website the very best on Phones & Tablets – especially since this is the future. We still have a lot of work to do since we’re a new website, but it’ll be a lot of fun to do all of that work for all of you.

Our main outreach will be to new players. It would be awesome to help all of the people that may not know much about the Wizard101 community meet new friends through events (or the family-friendly moderated chatroom) while also looking through the guides to make questing a lot easier! If we don’t have it here, we’ll find it for you by linking you to other fansites, forums, and channels here in the Wizard101/Pirate101 community. It’s gonna be an amazing ride and I’d like to thank all of you for inspiring me to upgrade Around The Spiral!

Thank you all so much for reading and I hope you enjoy your time here at Around The Spiral. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment in the comment section below or in the chatroom.  Please watch the video included below as well – so you know how to access this website’s features! The future is truly looking bright. I hope you join me on this crazy, but also, awesome adventure! Until next time, I’ll see you Around The Spiral.

~ Edward Lifegem

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