Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem


Welcome to the Sorcerer School Section. There are currently two different places you can learn Sorcery – the Balance School in Krokosphinx, Krokotopia, and the Hall of Sorcery in Arcanum. Each place of learning is different from the other. The Balance School in Krokotopia is more of an Introduction to Sorcery, while the Hall of Sorcery is a more advanced form of Sorcery. Below, I’ve provided details about each school. 

The Balance School

Location: Krokosphinx, Krokotopia     Level Access: 15      Teacher: Alhazred

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Hall Of Sorcery

Location: Hall Of Sorcery, Arcanum     Level Access: 108      Teacher: Jaki Whisperwind

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I am biased, young wizards. I’m so biased that I barely have any spells for the balance school – since it’s my least favorite school.

I am promising myself now that I’m going to make this page a priority before any other page – that means you may see more on this page than any other school page – since I was lazy on this page. Pray for me. Balance really isn’t my favorite school, but I’m going to make up my being lazy to the balance wizards.