Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem

Pride Run 2022

Pride Run 2022

Celebrate Pride In The Wizard101 Community

Hello young wizards!

I’m very proud to announce that the first in-game event that we’ll be having for the release of Around The Spiral will be a Pride-Themed Event! Three years ago we hosted our first Pride Event. I’m proud to announce that on Saturday, June 25th at 3pm Central / 4pm Eastern in The Commons, Greyrose Realm, we’ll have another Pride Run event to celebrate Gay Pride in the community. Now, let’s talk about the schedule of activities!

Schedule of Activities

2pm Central / 3pm Eastern                      Twitch Stream Begins

210pm Central                                                                   Pet Derby

220pm Central                 Born This Way Caroling + Butterfly Swarm

230pm Central                                                                Hide & Seek

250pm Central                                        Line Up On Rainbow Bridge

(Watch Video Below For Run Path)

3pm Central / 4pm Eastern                                     Pride Run Begins

(Rental Mounts will be provided to all wizards that need one.)

Everyone is more than welcome to attend – whether you’re part of the community or just want to support it, just don’t forget to wear all rainbow colors or wear your color of the Pride Flag! Always remember that you are supported and you are loved by an entire community of people.

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