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Free Ancient Tomes Guide

Locations of All Free-To-Play Ancient Tomes

Welcome to Around The Spiral’s Free Ancient Tomes guide. This post provides the location of every free Companion Training Tome. Training Tomes can be used to level your companions. You may choose to buy them with gold or challenge yourself and search for free ones when you are out of gold. 

Feel free to click on the buttons below to access each world’s free training tome locations! You may click on the Back To Top button to return to the menu to click on the next world – or you can scroll through and find all of them as I did. 😀 If you notice a missing tome in one or more of the marked locations below, your pirate has already collected it at one point.

Skull Island - Location of Ancient Tomes

Welcome to the Skull Island – Ancient Tomes section! Ancient Tomes are used for leveling up your companions. You can collect free Ancient Tomes throughout the worlds of Pirate101 – in addition to buying them from your local Tavern! Feel free to look through the slideshows below to collect all of the Ancient Tomes in the world of Skull Island. General Locations of Tomes have been highlighted.

Corsair’s Cove Ancient Tome

You can find this tome inside Captain Gunn’s House on his table.

Waponi Wu Ancient Tome

Once you climb the ladder, look at the first hut to your right. The ancient tome is next to a barrel.

The Presidio Ancient Tome

You’ll need to fight a boss. The ancient tome is on the furthest right – behind the Plant Vase.

Scurvy Dog Hideout Ancient Tome

This ancient tome is behind a Troggie Boss. Look to your right, near the desk and bed.

Fort Elena Ancient Tome

Your pirate will have to defeat three mobs and one boss. The ancient tome is in the same area as Napoleguin’s hat on a table.

Monquista - Location of Ancient Tome

Tierra Primata Skyway – City Drains Ancient Tome

You must complete the majority of this dungeon by unlocking most of the cages. Follow your quest arrow until you end up on the marked location on the map (screenshot below). The tome is behind a Tent/Bed.

Cool Ranch - Locations of Ancient Tomes

Cooper’s Roost Skyway – Watering Hole Ancient Tome

This ancient tome is on a pathway leading to the left, near the main house.

Big Sky – Gold Creek Lake Ancient Tome

Enter the Gold Creek dungeon, then defeat the fish. You’ll find the ancient tome near a broken wagon – on the left side of enemies.

Arroyo Grande Skyway – Web Cave Ancient Tome

Enter the Web Cave and follow the path towards the end of the cave. You’ll have to run through a spider web. The tome is behind Mother Spider.

Santo Pollo Skyway – Castillo Sapo Ancient Tome

Enter the Castillo Sapo dungeon and head to your right. There’s no need to fight any of the enemies. You’ll find the ancient tome behind a tree on the lower right end of your map.

Tumbleweed Skyway – Mcgee Ranch in Desolation Cyclone Ancient Tome

Collect the side quest “A Good Deed, Indeed” from Mark Clemens in Tumbleweed Tavern and continue the questline to access the ancient tome. The tome is behind the main house.

Haunted Skyway – Motherlode Mine Ancient Tome

Enter the Motherlode Mine dungeon and use the cart. You’ll find the Ancient Tome on the first entrance on the right on a Crate (near a light and other items.)

Mooshu - Locations of Ancient Tomes

Hamamitsu Garden – Stationer’s Shop Ancient Tome

You’ll find this ancient tome in a shop directly to the right of the teleporter. Look on the counter on the left side of the shopkeeper.

Khotan Skyway – Tso Sanctum Ancient Tome

You must complete all of this dungeon / threaten the chicken. Then, you can go up the steps behind the boss fight – you’ll find the tome on a table.

Subata Skyway – Shadow Fortress (Cave Of Shadows) Ancient Tome

You must complete all of this dungeon to access this ancient tome. This one is on a crate to the left of Monkey King’s suit in the treasury.

Marleybone - Location of Ancient Tome

Isle Of Fetch – Walkie’s Hotel Ancient Tome

You will need to defeat the first boss and run up the steps. Once you enter the room upstairs, there’s no need to fight the boss. Run to the back right to find another room. You’ll find it on a card table.

Aquila - Location of Ancient Tome

Knossos, Archaean Way – The Labyrinth Ancient Tome

Your pirate will only have to fight Skeletal Pirates at the beginning of the dungeon. Follow the red marking on the map in the slideshow below. You’ll find it near the center of the area at a dead end.

Valencia Part 2 - Locations of Ancient Tomes

Florenza – Crab Tunnels Ancient Tome

Keep following the crab tunnel pathways to access this location. This ancient tome is near two NPCs and a pillar.

Villa Trigante – Audience Chamber Ancient Tome

This one is tougher. You must fight the two mobs in the audience chamber before you can access the tome. This tome is in the room to the right on a crate.

The Great Machine – Machine Docks Ancient Tome

You’ll find this Ancient Tome on the left side of the entrance – right next to the door, as soon as you enter the Machine Dock dungeon. 

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